I was with my best friend through her anorexia and then she was with me through my short stint of it. After her recovery, I went with her for her first tattoo; a dragon head with the NEDA symbol, for strength. Today, she came with me to get my first tattoo; a wolf, for loyalty. I’m really happy with how it turned out. Props to Julian at White Lotus in Centennial, Colorado.


This is my first tattoo i am currently a recovering Anorexic binge purge type, classed as EDNOS, due to having all the symptoms of anorexia but not classified under the weight requirements. This is my tattoo i go it says in elvish tengwar italic script “you’ll never walk alone”  symbolises my recovery and the people who have walked along and with me. all  most a year in a half now and feeling amazing! deffo makes up for the 12 years i put myself through. 



The past five years have been not been easy, but I don’t think it’s conceited to say that I’m proud of how far I’ve come. I’m not recovered; I still have my bad days and relapses will happen. But lately the good days have far outnumbered the bad days, and I’m still holding out for full recovery in the future. Until I reach that point, however, I have this little reminder of how much I’ve grown and how I know I can keep it going in the future.


my recovery tattoo. The NEDA symbol, and “no one heals without a struggle.” This was the main quote that helped me through treatment

peacock feather (symbol of vanity) with the neda symbol as the eye



This is my first tattoo, and my last. There is a story behind the simplicity of it. After being released from the hospital last year, I was struggling between recovery and staying sick. I kept telling my self how could I ever recover, If all I know is what I am used to. And that was my eating disorder. I had a friend tell me I could over come and that everyone has the chance that you just have to try, that you can evolve into a better person no matter how complicated it seems and is. And that I did.. Although I still struggle somedays, this tattoo is a permanent reminder that its never to late to give recovery a chance and that its not impossible. Life is better without E.d


Kia Kaha means Stay Strong in Maori.

Every time I write your tie up my shoes etc etc I see it and it reminds me to Stay Strong and that I will get past my difficulties


I wanted to share my recovery tattoo! A Native American war bonnet with bison horns, because only the strongest warriors were honored with those horns.


This tattoo means “one life” in gaelic. It reminds me that I only have only life to live and I don’t want to spend it in a living hell that I am doing to myself. I want to be happy and love my life. Stay strong, everyone. 



this is my recovery tattoo. Its the NEDA (national eating disorder association) symbol and a purple lotus flower. Purple is the color for bulimia recovery and the lotus flower starts growing at the bottom of the lake in the mud and then as it grows it comes to the top of the lake and is a beautiful flower. It has to go through the mud before it can bloom. For me I had to go through a lot before I could recovery from my eating disorder. sorry the symbol looks backwards because of the camera.



my tattoo is of 3 birds, it’s supposed to represent freedom from my eating disorder even though i’ve yet to find that freedom lol it’s more of a reminder that one day i could be free


Hi, my name is Allie. I struggled with anorexia for about two years. It was hell for me. I didn’t only lose weight, but I almost lost my life. Going through my eating disorder, I ruined relationships with my family, friends, and even God. I was never happy, I was always miserable. I hated myself, I hated my life. I want to be there for other people struggling and show them that it is possible to overcome this horrible disease. I am happy to say that I am NEVER going back there again. Ever.

This is my recovery tattoo. It says “Destroy what destroys you” with the NEDA symbol. <3